Polyurethane Belt for Oil Skimmer30 mm width 1 mm thickPlease select circumference Between 500 and 900 Good surface tension. Double sided belt. For more sizes and belt widths please contact us.We can provide you with belts ranging in circumference from 100mm to 11 meters long. Tie beam Polyester Surface Double sided smooth Color Yellow Tensile strength per cm 1.2 N Minimal pulley diameter 20 mm Temperature range 5°C - +50°C

Polyurethane Yellow Belt for Oil skimmer 30mm width

  • 30mm width oil skimmer belt, we provide spare belt replacement for any belt skimmers, in addition we can make any belt length and width. Please contact us for more details mail@cncoilskimmer.co.uk 07716051575 Delivery on this product is 7-10 working days