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Technical information Cnc Tramp Oil Skimmer MS2 45


-3.5L/Ph  Oil removal rate
-12V DC Powerful High Torque Gear Box Motor
-Excellence wear-resistant metal gear
-Low noise,
-Long service life.

Rated voltage: 12VDC
No-load speed: 10RPM
Stall torque: 15kg/cm

Product dimensions (main body): 145mm x 70mm x 100mm (L x W x H)
Every unit comes with 45mm belt width x 380 mm drop length (800mm circumference)
Product dimensions (fully extended with 360deg foot): 145x 80 x (100-400mm) ( L x W x H )
Weight: 2.5kg

Complete CNC Oil Skimmer Set MS2 45

  • Every oil skimmer is complete working unit together with: -Belt -Power supply -Tubing (tube to direct unwanted oils 400mm long) -360deg foot and bottom clamp. For individual belt lengths please get in touch with us. We are able to provide belt lengths up to 6 meters. Why should you buy our cnc oil skimmer? - Single oil skimmer elevates and separates oil at a rate up to 3.5 Lph (depends of viscosity) - Can be used with 110v or 240v - Extends Coolant Life - Keep your coolants and lubricants clean - Helping to keep your machined parts clean. - Prolongs tooling life - Limits skin irritations from dirty tramp oils. - Limits smog from machining process. You get the highest oil removal rate at the lowest costs! 360 deg arm allows to mount literally anywhere. Oil removal in tanks, chemical baths, sumps or any place where oil must be removed. Simple robust design – superb quality! It is made in anodised aluminium arm and main body in safe PVC, and stainless steel all other external components stainless steel. The oil skimmer operates on a safe 12 volt DC, and is mounted on articulated 360 deg arm. This makes the skimmer very easy to install in any conditions at any angle. For more information and specifications please contact us mail@cncoilskimmers.co.uk, 07716051575 Delivery on this product is5-8 working day

    Every unit is under one year manufacturing warranty. We also provide with parts exchange and service.