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Water as a source for the bacteria growth?

Critical aspect in controlling soluble metalworking fluids is managing bacteria and fungi, as these fluids are typically diluted with water by 90-95%. Surprisingly, water analysis is often overlooked in the field, which can lead to increased microorganism growth due to impurities in the water source.

To effectively control water impurities, utilizing controlled water sources like deionized water is a widely accepted method to curb bacteria growth in metalworking fluids

Identifying issues and understanding expectations are key initial steps for achieving successful outcomes.

Recently, while starting a FOLIA B 7000 D project, I conducted a water analysis and discovered a concerning 10⁴ bacteria count in the water!!! Challenges present great opportunities for improvement, allowing us to showcase our skills. Stay tuned for updates on the revolutionary performance of Folia B 7000 D in this project in the upcoming months. 😉

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