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Oil skimmer, belt oil skimmers, sumps skimmer...  all you need for for your cnc oil coolant contamination... 

We provide industry with the best quality Oil Skimmers designed and manufactured in UK.
Our Tramp Oil Skimmers are made to fit and work perfectly on all types of CNC machinery, lathes,
mills or grinding machines also applicable within metal coating industry and ultrasonic washers.

Oil Skimmer

Oil Skimmer

MS2 Belt Oil Skimmer 30-45 mm belt width

Oil Skimmer for CNC machine

MS2T Integrated Timer Belt Oil Skimmer

                   30-45mm belt width

Oil Skimmer for CNC with Timmer

S100 High capacity oil skimmer

             100mm belt width

Industrial Oil Skimmer S100

oil skimmer,tramp oil skimmer, cnc skimmer

Oil skimmers are Independent devices designed to remove floating oil contamination.


Tramp oil skimmers are effective in both removal of oils as well as ease of installation for your application.


Oil Skimmers remove tramp oil from machine coolant tanks part washers, heat treatment plants and metal finishing processes .


Tramp oil consists of slide way, hydraulic, and spindle lubricants which is washed into the machine coolant tanks. This then floats on the surface creating anaerobic conditions that support bacteria growth.

Resulting in low performance, bad odours and the potential risk of allergenic rashes (dermatitis) for the machine operators.


It's simple and effective way of eliminating hazardous oils from coolant tanks, 


In our shop you can find solution to health and safety issues regarding coolant contamination and products to help you save money and time. 

A foul odour is usually the first sign that a bacterial colony has formed in your coolant tank. The smell is a waste produce by bacteria as they consume oil as a food source.

Belt and disk skimmers Used to skim off tramp oils floating on the surface of the coolant, greatly reduce bacteria growth. CNC oil skimmers are designed to fit on top of settling tanks or accessible machine sumps.

Oil skimmer installed on Hurco CNC Centre
Oil skimmer installed on Haas CNC machine
Oil skimmer for CNC machine installed on Hurco CNC centre

Oily coolant, sticks to the parts and protective glass, causing difficulties while operating and setting. By using our oil skimmer coolant can be cleaned, and chances for sticky protective glass significantly reduced. Belt oil skimmer is proven in removal oil contaminations.